[--less of this ++more of that]

"You can be anything! Just fall in line."
-- School System

Designed for an exploitable employee based mindset for feeding the corporational world.

Never was geared towards life fulfillment (success)

We'll instead be learning this:
How to take on anything, and find your direction.

click through these concepts:

-- Teacher student dynamic
Listen to this supposed authority telling you what you need to memorize.
++ Peer edification
Play with ideas and concepts indiscrimately and ruthlessly, where each member is sought to be understood and free to their own conclusions.
-- Courses and degrees
Predefined roles and established/pushed knowledge.
++ Concepts and workflows
Highly relevant data to connect, actualize and optimize.
-- Stickers
Artificial and materialistic reward.
++ Inherit Rewards
Practices that produce their own fruit.
-- Judgements and Grades
Fear and control hoop jumping.
++ Self Evaluation and External Critiques
Honesty and fair consideration, without abusing or losing yourself.
-- Expectations
Source of all suffering (Buddha)
++ Dharma
A life you'd die for.